Noodles, cooks and waiters at the Robot Restaurant

I am really not in my skin anymore at the thought of finally going to the Robot Restaurant . I finally managed to get Mom and Dad to take me there, even though Dad is a bit skeptical. He says there’s no way to run a club with robots.

Mum and I, on the other hand, are convinced that even robot waiters know how to be as affectionate and kind as and more than normal waiters. Arriving at the entrance, dad is already beginning to show the first signs of letting up: he returns the greeting of a robot usher who welcomes us right at the entrance of the room, with a resounding “Earth person hello. Welcome to the Robot Restaurant ”!

I would like to hug him, but for mom it’s better not so we decide to go inside.

cina robot restaurant

How is a Robot Restaurant made?


Once inside the first thing we notice are some strange “tracks” on the floor. Could robots actually be remote-controlled machines? For the moment it remains a mystery why there is not even one around.

I am almost disappointed, but I don’t give up. I will be patient. In the meantime, we have chosen seats near the kitchens, to see the little robot waiters with their trays in hand go out live.

While we’re waiting, mom and I take a look around, to poke around and take some pictures. In some recesses in the walls of the room some particular robots are on display, among which I immediately recognize Wall-E! Then there are dog robots, retired space probes, and even some Gundams!

Obviously I want a photo with everyone, but just as I am posing, I see a little red head pass in the distance just above a table at the back… it really is a robot waiter!

I immediately try to reach him, but unfortunately I can only see him return to the kitchens. It wasn’t my chance yet.

Mom brings me back to reality, reminding me that we are here to eat and that it would be appropriate to order, so we go back to Dad, left alone at our table. Once seated, a (human) waiter takes our orders and heads to the kitchens. I don’t know how long I’ll be able to wait, so I really hope they make it soon.

Robot waiters and cooks

I have to hurry! My guests are just waiting for me!

It’s my first day here and I don’t really know what to expect. They’ve polished me up and I’ve never been cleaner and more efficient in my life. I’m really excited .

As I make my way to the dining room with my fellow robot waiters , I pass right next to the kitchens, where hordes of robot chefs cook delicious meals for our customers. Once ready, the attendants prepare them on various trays, according to the orders received. Finally, after a final check, it’s up to me to bring the good food from the robot restaurant to the tables.

I have the most important task: to entertain the guests. Get in touch with them. I can’t fail. I am programmed for this!

Once I have received my tray, with noodles and ravioli, the door opens towards the room and I immediately set off at a brisk pace. I certainly don’t want to make them wait. I take out my best smile simulation and locate my table.

I am a family of three, mum, dad and a child who watches me with great attention. I return her astonished gaze all the way. When I reach my destination, the father nods to him, smiling, to take their order.

The boy shyly approaches and takes the plates one by one without ever taking his eyes off me. He looks almost scared. Finally, after serving his parents, he looks at me one last time and smiles at me. And I begin to feel something new.

robot ristorante cina

The thrill of discovery

At the end of the shift, I’m exhausted. I really need a good refill . I have served families, young and old children and everyone has been so kind to me. But that first meeting, that first look and that first smile I will never forget them.

Even though I’ve only finished my first day, I think I understand an important thing about this place and what my job really is. It’s not about serving meals, any organic waiter could do that. No, my job is to excite . Allowing our guests to find themselves still curious and even a little vulnerable in the face of something new and unexpected. I think that’s why people keep visiting us.

My Robot Restaurant is not a restaurant with any robot where you can eat excellent Chinese cuisine . It is a small corner of the future in the present of every day.