The Black Ivory: the luxury coffee you wouldn’t expect

Coffee is a real salvation for many of us. It wakes us up in the morning, keeps us active during the day and allows us not to collapse in the evening if necessary.

For most people it’s a simple drink. Yet there are remote corners of the world where coffee has become a luxury through study and research. There are many varieties of coffee, but few of these can be counted as luxury coffees .

And among those few, only one has recently obtained the coveted title of the most expensive coffee in the world . It is produced in Thailand and is called Black Ivory . And its method of “extraction” is nothing short of … unique.

The origins of traditional coffee

Coffee, for the few who were not aware of it, is a drink that is obtained by grinding the seeds of the homonymous plant. Its discovery is traced back to an Ethiopian legend , according to which a goat farmer discovered its “energizing” properties by observing its effects on his animals who had accidentally ingested some coffee seeds and no longer wanted to sleep.

It was then the abbot of the local monastery who prepared the drink for the first time, appreciating its taste and beneficial effects. The news soon crossed the country until it reached the Arabian peninsula , where the first historical traces of coffee trade and cultivation are traced back to the fifteenth century.

Soon the first coffee houses were born, where the coffee was tasted by intellectuals and wealthy people who played chess, discussed economic news and listened to relaxing music.

As the coffee culture reached the most remote corners of the earth, many varieties of coffee were born with tastes and aromas as particular as they are sought after.

black ivory

How Black Ivory is created

Black Ivory is a coffee created by Canadian Blake Dinkin who has seen fit to exploit the enzymes contained in the stomachs of elephants to create a new variety of luxury coffee.

Yes, you read that right: Black Ivory is a coffee defecated by Thai elephants. The Canadian entrepreneur, after 10 years of research , has identified the ideal process for the coffee to obtain an intense and innovative aroma.

The berries are mixed with other elephant-friendly foods such as rice, bananas and tamarind. Once ingested by the animals, the berries are consumed while the grain remains intact, so it can be flavored through the digestive enzymes of the elephants.

Digestion can last from 12 to 72 hours, at the end of which the animal excrements are collected, which are filtered to recover the best grains. The only drawback of this complex process lies in the quantities produced: to obtain a single kilo of Black Ivory , the elephant has to ingest about 33 , making production very expensive and selective.

caffè di lusso

The refined taste of the most expensive coffee in the world

The result is a real luxury coffee , with an unmistakably sweet aroma.

It is not magic, but science : the enzymes, in fact, break down the proteins of the food that is ingested and in the case of coffee it is the latter that give it its characteristic bitter taste . To this it must be added that the elephants digest through a fermentation process, which allows the grain to maintain the aroma of the berry.

Hence, its delicate taste with hints of chocolate, malt, red fruits and a little grass. An innovative experience that will make every sip unforgettable, if you ever get the chance to try a cup.

An eco-sustainable luxury

Its cost , due to the difficulty in producing even small quantities and its extraordinary taste, is definitely higher than that of a normal cup of coffee. You can only find it in the most renowned 5-star hotels in Thailand and the Maldives , typically at a cost of no less than € 50 per cup.

While remaining the most expensive coffee in the world , Black Ivory is also a completely eco -sustainable product, despite its particular production process. Elephants, often hunted and killed for their precious ivory tusks, now have a new value that no poacher can ignore.

This coffee variety represents a new meeting point between man and these good giants of the animal kingdom, where one benefits from the other in a completely natural way. To protect them, the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation was born to which the Black Ivory Coffee Company , the only producer of this coffee in the world, donates 8% of its sales to support the protection and well-being of these majestic animals.

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