Dinner in a castle

Have you ever thought about dining in a castle and having an unforgettable dream experience? well, we are pleased to announce that all of this is possible. In this place with a medieval and fascinating style you will have the opportunity to share unique moments with your partner or friends, since the environment is decidedly original and with an ancient style. In this guide we will see together which are the best locations in Italy to visit and all their most important features.

Dining in a castle: a fairytale experience

Dine in a castle we can guarantee that it is an out of the ordinary experience , which allows you to savor second by second not only the dishes or specialties, but especially the area that reigns in a place like this.

Leaving the mold and the modern restaurants we frequent, at times, is essential to live different and more exciting experiences from all points of view:

the castle is a location that will allow you to have the impression of being in a movie, when it is all true.

It feels like living a fairy tale in first person and more with the person or people you care about most. We can assure you that thanks to these fairytale places you will be the king or queen for the hours you will spend inside the castle walls of your choice.

In Italy there are many restaurants that you can find in the inner part of the castles: in this guide we will show you the best and where you will be able to get only the highest quality, service and above all the medieval style adventure.

Castles in Italy to dine and live a fairytale food and wine experience

Among the best castles to dine and live an impeccable food and wine experience there are:

Castelluccia Castle

Via Carlo Cavina, 40, Rome (RM)

Among the most beautiful monuments in our country stands the Castello della Castelluccia: it is a medieval style structure characterized by unparalleled beauty.

Stone walls, a majestic fireplace and vaulted ceilings make this place original and with an ancient charm: these characteristics give life to the internal room of the La Locanda restaurant .

In this castle you can finally live the fairytale experience you have always dreamed of quickly and easily, in the name of naturalness, originality and quality. If one of your goals in life is to consume special and exquisite dishes, then don’t hesitate and let yourself be tempted by the numerous proposals made available by the location.

Among the typical dishes of Castello della Castelluccia there are in particular: the sea bream fillet in an almond crust with Chardonnay sauce and the chicken ravioli with scampi and zucchini.

Malpaga Castle

Piazza Castello (Malpaga hamlet) - CAVERNAGO (BG)

A historic, medieval dinner , all in the style of the fifteenth century, with a menu that is also historic found in manuscripts of the fifteenth century.
The royal table is set in full medieval style with period dishes and crockery, with majolica plates, earthenware glasses and wooden cutlery.
Each dish is served on wooden sedan chairs by waiters in medieval clothes and introduced by the Grand Seneschal who explains its origin, as well as history and cheers the diners with curiosity about ancient customs and ancient uses.

Guarene Castle

Via Alessandro Roero, 2, Guarene (CN)

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    Another magical and at the same time unique place in Italy is the Castello di Guarene : it was built around the 1700s and in excellent condition despite the fact that a lot of time has passed, as it has preciously preserved its works of art and characteristics in a decidedly only.

    This house is located in the province of Cuneo and is invaded by a large, majestic and scenographic garden.

    In addition to it, the restaurant room inside the fortress is also wonderful. It is enriched by numerous paintings of characters from Casa Roero and Savoia , of flowers and landscapes that give a touch to the original and regal room.

    The gourmet menu made available by the chef is exquisite and delicious: it will conquer you from the first course consumed, as only fresh, genuine and top quality elements are used to make it.

    Toblino Castle

    Location Castel Toblino, 1, Madruzzo (TN)

    Among the best medieval locations, Castel Toblino also stands out, which is located on a peninsula stretching out over the waters of Lake Toblino : it is the most famous location in Trentino.

    The wonderful natural context that surrounds it and the ancient walls that characterize the castle offer you the opportunity to experience a fairy tale in first person: you will feel like you are the protagonist of a medieval film or belong to a bygone era.

    In addition, you have the opportunity to taste special and typical local dishes thanks to the Ă  la carte menu and four tasting menus placed at your complete disposal, to offer you the opportunity to experience a fairy tale in our times.

    Monterone Castle

    Str. di Montevile, 3, Perugia (PG)

    In Perugia , on the other hand, you will find the Monterone Castle : thanks to this fortress, you will be able to experience a food and wine adventure of the highest quality and unique from all points of view. Precisely it is located along the road that leads directly to Assisi and directly overlooks the wide and immense valley of the city, allowing you to enjoy a unique and breathtaking view. Tasting the local specialties that you like the most here is possible thanks to the Gradale restaurant located inside the castle: the dishes proposed by the chef are genuine and made with elements from the garden. Among the latter, the cereal and legume soup stands out in particular.

    Grinzane Cavour Castle

    Via Castello, 5, Grinzane Cavour (CN)

    In the province of Cuneo , another castle stands out that offers you the opportunity to experience taste experiences with a fairytale and medieval style: the Grinzane Cavour Castle . Its fame is given above all by the fact that it hosted Count Benso di Cavour within its walls around 800.

    Recently, in 2014, it was named as a UNESCO World Heritage Site , as its historical importance is relevant to our country on a global level.

    The dishes offered by the restaurant located inside are delicious and fresh: as a house specialty there is the White Truffle of Alba , with which a worldwide auction has been carried out since 1999, in which all the proceeds obtained from the sale of the best specimens are donated to charity.

    Through this location you will be able to experience a 360 ° C pleasure adventure. The starred restaurant of the Guinzane Cavour Castle is led by chef Marc Lanteri , who creates special dishes that are part of a particular and delicious border cuisine.

    The latter is based on the chef’s provincial origins: this unique feature will allow you to taste dishes that you will not find anywhere else in the world. Thanks to his creativity, a real personalized menu was born that goes from the hills to the mountains and from the sea to the countryside, where the genuineness of the products and their freshness represent the characteristics that make his dishes exquisite and delicious.

    Furthermore, the gastronomic offer is accompanied by the wine list, chosen by Alessandro Corsini and Amy Bellotti , with attention to respect for tradition and the natural part that characterizes the wines.

    If you are looking for a classy and refined location, then this is one of the places that will be able to satisfy all your expectations in the best possible way.

    Orsini Castle

    Via Aldo Bigelli snc, Nerola (Rome)

    The Orsini Castle is considered another original and unique location to experience a dream dinner.

    This fortress is located in Nerola, a few kilometers from Rome: this place is decidedly elegant and refined.

    The food and wine experience begins here in the Le Antiche Prigioni Wine Lounge , where you have the opportunity to consume delicious specialties of delicious appetizers, and then move to the main internal room of the restaurant’s castle.

    From the expert hands of professionals you can taste numerous drinks, including digestives, coffee, liqueurs and much more.

    Chef Eros Bruno aims to delight all his customers by pampering them with unique and delicious dishes, offering an attentive and always complete service.

    Thanks to this fortress of the past you will be able to live intensely unique and immemorial moments: you will be able to enjoy a decidedly magical, fairytale and at the same time medieval style atmosphere, capable of making you identify from the first moment in a glorious character of those particular times and special ones that have marked history.

    Pavone Castle

    Via Behind Castello, Pavone Canavese (TO)

    Finally, the Castello di Pavone is a magical place with a retro charm: here all your dreams come true just like in fairy tales.

    This location is located in Turin and is one of the most beautiful and scenic places in the whole country.

    Its structure dates back to the 9th century , while the works were completed in the 11th century.

    It is an enchanting place of immense beauty: the castle is surrounded by a large and lush park, as it offers all its guests a breathtaking and fairytale-like scenery.

    The restaurant located inside the Pavone Castle is divided into numerous rooms and rooms with frescoes and decorations with regal and elegant furnishings; in addition there are also crystals and precious porcelain.

    The menu is definitely full of delicious and delicious dishes, you can order dishes based on fish and meat. You can also choose the specialties of Piedmontese origin made by the most expert hands of the Italian cuisine sector.

    The experience that you will be able to live within the walls of this beautiful castle will be definitely unforgettable and will hit your heart to the point of wanting to return as soon as possible.

    Thanks to these locations in our area you have the opportunity to experience something unique and unconventional. Therefore, all you have to do is experiment with your loved one a dinner in a fairytale castle exactly like in a fairytale.

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