Dinner with Murder



Dinner with Murder is an experience that allows you to combine gastronomy with an interactive, fun and, above all, highly engaging game. A kind of the evolution of the classic dinner show that directly involves participants.

It all revolves around solving a murder mystery, examining clues and evidence that will lead to a final winner: the one who first, through his or her own intuition and investigations, will be able to identify the culprit of the terrible murder.

Definitely an evening out of the imagination, sparkling and fun. An opportunity to get to know and interact with others in a course that can engage from the first beat and to the last second. Let’s see if we succeed in stimulating your imagination as well as your appetite!

How does a murder mystery dinner take place?


Some restaurants organize these events through the collaboration of theater companies, while others choose to put Agatha Christie ‘s works into practice by following a specific pattern.

Everything is taken care of in detail, from the characters to the environments, creating real scripts. You don’t need to be an actor to get into the part: it will be a direct involvement. A detective story that will start with the discovery of a fictional murder.

Each present embodies a figure or is part of a group such as the team of policemen and detectives who must ask the questions. Unmissable is the presence of a narrator who explains the story and guides participants throughout the game with details, through a narrative path that leads the various teams to get to the heart of the matter and find the killer, reconstructing the entire plot.

In fact, the murder mystery dinner not only aims to track down the murderer, but also to construct all the details along the way, like a kind of puzzle. This is precisely what makes it so compelling: it is a real enigma.

Why participate in a murder mystery dinner?

dinner with murder how it works

Murder dinners are not only a winning idea for lovers of murder mysteries and thrillers, but also engaging evenings for those who feel like attending a murder party, typically English. All participants are involved, the investigation is done in first person so it is both an intellectual challenge and an engaging game.

One must focus on deductive reasoning to solve the puzzle: players, therefore, play a very specific and active role just like Live Action Role Playing.

To make the evening compelling you need a worthy plot, but also a special setting.

It is possible to participate in the Classic Mystery, or Agatha Christie style, where everything focuses on the plot of the story or the Historical Mystery which is marked more by a framework that retraces Umberto Eco and a genre where the moment in which everything takes place is decisive.

The evening always opens with a murder that has been committed: then participants are brought up to speed with the case files, witnesses, all the details of the case, and the material that is provided. At that point it is necessary to define the crime well to understand when it happened and put the pieces together.

The victim must be investigated , who he was and what he did. Then make a list of suspects and then figure out who the culprit is and what the motive is.

Questions and one’s own intuition will be crucial in figuring out who committed the murder. The final moment will be amusing, even if it is not realized firsthand who did it. An intellectual challenge, a time of conviviality that combines the pleasure of the table with play, a way to work together and come to identify what happened and who did it.

Organizational details

Murder dinners are always by reservation: you can attend individually or book with a group of friends and relatives.

Since it is a nice way to meet new people, it is also fun to participate on your own so you can be included in some groups.

The menu can be in line with the theme of the evening or retrace a specific historical period; in general it will always relate to the delicacies of the region.

The game takes place seated, but there can also be traveling dinners or otherwise involving the audience in some action. In this case it will always take place between courses without disturbing the dinner anyway. The actors eat with the audience in the same room: so the timing is the same.

On average, the murder mystery dinner is held with a variable number of participants, between 30 and 150 always divided into groups. The room is decorated with a theme, and the music is light so as not to disturb and, most importantly, to allow everyone to get a clear understanding of what to do. There is always a prize up for grabs, this can be a gadget, a gift voucher or a coupon.

Proposals in Italy to book

The success of this particular type of dinner show has grown over time so much so that today there are numerous theater companies offering various versions of it throughout Italy. The following are some of the most famous ones, remembering, however, that new scripts are continuously being made by other Companies as well.

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    Dinner with Murder at Al Pulentin

    al pulentin milan

    We are located in Milan, a trattoria-pizzeria in the city of Milan that combines the rich tradition of local dishes with what are new flavors elaborated by the chef’s expert hands. The historic location provides a classic style, but with modern furnishings, to echo the same link in the menu between current events and tradition.

    Rich array of events for those who decide to dine at this restaurant, including the well-known murder mystery dinner that sells out every time among the 130 seats in the two available rooms.

    The event is organized in such a way as to test the guests’ investigative skills, reconstructing the scene and even finding the murder weapon.

    Murder dinner at
    La Loggia | Restaurant Pub & Brewery

    Via Giuseppe Verdi, 11, Vizzolo Predabissi (MI)

    magellan club

    The Magellan Club organizes a murder mystery dinner in Milan, which is a show that involves the audience in identifying the culprit, motive and manner.

    Each time the setting is different, but a particularly compelling theme is always chosen that binds the player in a mix of suspense and thrill amid evidence, mysterious clues, red herrings, and detailed reconstructions. The winner is awarded a free dinner.


    Dinner with murder at
    The Well and the Pendulum


    the well and the pendulum dinner with murder

    The Well and the Pendulum periodically organizes a murder mystery dinner in the heart of the Neapolitan city. A show that engages participants every moment.

    The dinner lasts three hours, and the mystery retraces the nineteenth-century footsteps of the typical Anglo-Saxon game that was played by the old bourgeoisie to entertain themselves. The perfect fusion of theater and play, as well as culinary delights.

    Audience and actors interact, the staging has a script that can vary from time to time depending on the clues and the progress of the hunt.

    The Well and the Pendulum is an unprecedented project that boasts the participation of great Italian artists and directors. Every detail is taken care of with the utmost attention for a truly unforgettable evening.

    Murder dinner of the
    Company I Delittuosi in Sicily


    the murderous dinner parties

    A one-of-a-kind show that combines a murder mystery dinner with the participation of Drag Queens. A perfect mix of drama, play and detective story. One of the most irreverent s erates in the territory lasting three hours.

    The event is by reservation only and a fee of 15 euros each must be paid. Engaging and intoxicating with themed music and dancing, set in the 1990s, it brings to the stage a real show for those seeking a true adventure of an excellent theater company that manages to bring together truly distant styles, managing to give the audience an unparalleled experience.

    Invitation to a murder mystery dinner
    Of Inspector Tourbillon in Turin


    inspector tourbillon dinner with murder

    This theater company brings to the stageInspector Tourbillon, a character created and brought to success by Riccardo Pellegrini with Giorgio Molino’s Company in the 1990s.

    Invitation to Dinner with Murder is an interactive, mystery-comedy show: thus, not really a thriller. Between courses, the diners, led by the actors, are divided into 4 teams and, flanked by professionals, work on clues, between jokes, to find the culprit. The group of investigators that arrives at the correct answer while also discovering the motive wins the night and a special prize.

    The company also performs in other cities in Italy. Turin is one of the regular stops.

    Murder dinner at
    The House in the Woods

    Via Maddalena, 410, Nave (BS)

    the house in the woods dinner with murder

    This restaurant is located in Nave, in the province of Brescia, and already the name is a whole program for those whose thoughts travel to the atmosphere of a murder mystery dinner. The restaurant is really nestled in a beautiful forest, making it the ideal location both in summer because of the seating overlooking the greenery and in winter because of the wood that keeps the warmth inside.

    With a rustic flavor, the setting looks very elegant and cozy, but, when the murder mystery dinner is organized, it turns into an intricate crime scene that only customers can solve by their intuition.

    By analyzing different pieces of evidence, while enjoying creative dishes proposed by the chef and part of the Lombard tradition, they will be able to discover who the murderer is and win the ultimate prize.

    Murder dinner at
    The Templars' Braceria

    Via Poggio alla Farnia, 2, Fauglia (PI)

    templars braceria dinner with murder

    In Fauglia, in the city of Pisa, we find Braceria dei Templari, a restaurant that specializes, as the name implies, in meat dishes, obviously that excellent Florentine steak that is distinguished by its flavor given by meat from top-quality farms.

    Likewise, the restaurant also caters to the needs of those on vegan , vegetarian and those with celiac disease by offering rich tasty alternatives. Seafood lovers will also find what they love because the restaurant is stocked with daily arrivals that are always the freshest.

    But it is not only the quality of the products that is the main feature of this venue. In fact, it is also a focal point for organizing events such as a murder mystery dinner. During the evening there is a mystery-flavored affair that only the most observant will be able to solve, but there is also the possibility of booking the same event for lunch, witnessing original stories staged by professional theater companies.

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