From the center to the gates of Milan: God Save The Food is international cuisine for “citizens of the world”

Like a thread of lights that envelops the city and leads travelers to the center, to the beating heart of one of the most energetic metropolises in the world, so the lights of Milan welcome anyone and invite them to enter, with open arms.

And it doesn’t matter whether you enter from Porta Ticinese or Porta Venezia. The feeling is always that of entering the front door and finding yourself inside a magical casket, with the lights always on and with the volume always at maximum. Every corner seems to scream: “Milan is alive, vibrant, energetic. You can’t get bored here. You just have to go in and get lost “.

And woe to stop the city that never sleeps.

Here the kitchen doors are always open


Madrid-Milan. Just over two hours of flight, just long enough to finish my Patagonia Express reading, look out the window and realize that I am already in another state.

In fact, I had never been to Italy, but I had wanted to set foot there for so long that I decided to take a break for thirty days and go solo around the most beautiful cities in the country. And my journey starts right from here, from Milan.

15:30. Brera area, Piazza del Carmine. I walked 10 minutes to here from the hotel. It seems too late to have lunch and too early to have dinner, but I’m so hungry I would settle for anything.

But I know that there are many fast food restaurants in Milan that offer international cuisine at any time of day. After all, if this is the city that never sleeps, let alone if I can’t find a place to eat.

So I head to the Church of Santa Maria del Carmine, a masterpiece of art known as the “noble church” that attracts you with its splendid brick red tones and its majestic Gothic arches. Next to it there are the windows of a place with an unusual and original name, but perfect given the context in which it is located: God Save the Food .

As the first gastronomic stop of the trip, it’s not bad: it is an invitation to enter, impossible not to accept it.

From Milan to New York: international cuisine that knows no borders

Seems like a place made for me. Yes, for me, who am a tourist but also a traveler, an explorer, an admirer of the art, food and culture of a place. And here many places meet, entire continents meet.

It is a cauldron of international dishes, “ a cuisine made for the citizens of the world ”. And it is impossible not to feel at home.

Upon entering, one is immediately conquered by the New York style of the furnishings. The chandeliers that hang over the heads of tourists, the walls marked by geometric lines and the large cushions. Even though it is a contemporary restaurant with an essential style, the small details make the atmosphere warm and welcoming.

I sit in the garden-veranda to taste the dishes on the menu. Here the choice will be difficult: international cuisine or traditional cuisine?

god save the food milano piave

Pad Thai Rice, tuna taco and Milanese cutlets

I thought I had to settle, but the offer of dishes on the menu is so vast that I have to take some time to think. From oriental to western cuisine, the proposals range from pad thai rice to Mexican fajitas, which seem to coexist perfectly with spaghetti with pesto and the traditional Milanese cutlet.

But there is also chicken curry, ceasar salad, greek salad, guacamole, burgers and sandwiches, Norwegian salmon, tuna tataki, buns, salads and even fruit and vegetable juices. There is also a wide choice of pizzas and focaccias, long leavening and made with a mixture of stone-ground flours.

I begin to wonder what is better between the classic Neapolitan pizza or the traditional pizzas revisited in a more contemporary way. I let myself be conquered by the Zucchini flowers fior di latte, zucchini flowers stuffed with ricotta and anchovies and grilled zucchini and the Focaccia GStF with Culatello di Zibello and squacquerone.

As I travel and rediscover the world by reading the names of the dishes, the waiter’s voice immediately brings me back to reality and invites me to order my dish, reminding me that the selected raw materials are exclusively those of the season.

I love international cuisine , but I want to taste the tradition of this place and discover it for real. I have no more doubts: I order sandwich bread with Parma ham, fiordilatte, tomato, rocket and oil.

god save the food milano

Tortona, Piave, Duomo: from the Gates to the heart of the Ambrosian city

I spent the rest of the day walking, pushing myself from Brera towards the streets of the center. They told me that Milan is even more beautiful in the evening, so I decided to get lost in the narrow streets that lead to the Duomo. To guide me there is the intense light of the sun that slowly goes out and gives way to a thousand colored lights. Thus the city lights up and becomes even more magical.

I was pleased to discover that God Save The Food is in Brera, but also in the Tortona area, in the Porta Venezia district and at the Duomo. In the Piave area, the interior furnishings are warmer and the mustard-yellow armchairs match perfectly with the walnut wood walls.

At the Duomo, on the other hand, God Save The Food integrates perfectly into the context of the Rinascente, fully reflecting that concept of fast food of which Milan wishes to be the spokesperson.

The kitchen is open to view and the tables are occupied at any time of the day, from breakfast to after dinner. Cappuccinos, drinks, buffets and aperitifs with dishes from the world made for tourists, for travelers, for real foodies and for anyone looking for a fleeting meal that is, at the same time, pleasantly unforgettable.

milano god save the food locale

The kitchen on wheels of God Save The Food

And as if that weren’t enough, God Save the Food is also a restaurant on wheels . And how could it not be? A space where different cultures meet, which serves dishes from the world, cannot help but “travel”.

His foodtruck goes around Italy, transforming itself into an itinerant restaurant that crosses the gates of Milan to rediscover the taste of international cuisine even beyond regional borders. And every city can become the perfect background for this meeting of flavors.

It was a busy day, but I want to savor a little more the beauty of Milan’s alleys and buildings. I want to listen for a few more hours to this buzz of voices and sounds that mix together as well as the cultures and ethnic groups that populate these streets.

That thread of lights that envelops the city and leads travelers to the center really led me from the gates of Milan to the heart of the metropolis that never sleeps. And I don’t want to sleep either. Tonight I want to make sure this town doesn’t really sleep.





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