Dinner show, feathers and fans of fire: the Maison Milano is a show

As I walk towards the stage I am so concentrated and absorbed in the atmosphere of the house that I cannot hear any sound around me, despite the fact that there are more people than usual.

The vertical lines of the walls give the room a solemn appearance. They are like studded with small stars that guide the gaze of those who observe them towards the majestic ceiling that hangs over our heads.

Those large exposed beams dominate the place, literally.

It is not the first time that I cross the threshold of the maison but, every time, I feel the same strange sensations. Before I reach that golden stage I feel so small and vulnerable, but once I get up there the determination returns.

The silence that accompanies me behind the scenes, slowly, begins to disappear and turn into a whisper of voices that gradually becomes more and more intense. By moving the curtain aside, the sound unexpectedly takes shape.

They are the limelight and the public is already eagerly awaiting.

spettacolo burlesque maison milano

Fire in a room

cibo con spettacolo a Milano

I hold two fiery fans in my hands, take two small steps forward and feel the adrenaline pervade my body. It’s my turn.

I have already walked this stage, but the emotion is that of the first time. Also tonight I am about to start one of my most hypnotic and sensual fire shows.

Fear suddenly gives way to energy, the voices of the spectators are transformed into notes, rhythmic sounds and melody. The dark overhangs the light and only the faint glow of the fire that lights up my skin can be seen.

All of this means only one thing: that magic is about to happen.

When the flames of the fans begin to twirl at a slow pace, piercing the darkness and creating geometries of light, the approximate and distracted smile of the audience is dampened by a composed concentration.

Now the attention is all turned to me, to that harmony of lights, sounds and slow movements that enchant and seduce.

In this dance of fire my body supports the music and I think I have already conquered them.

The palate comes alive with the chef show

Anyone looking for an original dinner show in Milan inevitably ends up here, in this crazy restaurant in via Montegani. A bit like how I ended up there, after having traveled a lot and had unique experiences around the world.

A few years ago this place was called Maison España and someone still calls it that today. The damask fabrics on the sofas, the shimmering chandeliers that fall from the wooden roof, the warm colors and the austere atmosphere of the room take me back for a moment to the urban environments of the Iberian Peninsula.

But not only Spain can be breathed here. They told me that this maison with a retro and modern taste at the same time was born from the ashes of an ancient post station from the early 1900s, where horse-drawn carriages arrived and departed to sort letters and parcels.

Today, instead of letters, there is a parade of flavors that gives moments of pure pleasure to the guests of the maison . My dishes surprise for their refined and original taste.

I am a singer, a chef and also a show man . So, when they asked me to bring my wealth of gastronomic experiences here and entertain hundreds of people with a show cooking of dishes rich in flavor, I answered with a thunderous “yes”.

With my cuisine I describe Europe and also reveal something about myself, or perhaps everything. If I had to describe my personality by choosing one of my dishes, I would say that the sweetness of the passion fruit sauce and the delicate taste of the smoked salmon meet the intensity of the mango and the strong taste of the carne salada tartare.

I am an eclectic type at heart. Now, another dinner show awaits me.

maison milano

The protagonist of a Burlesque show

I’ve seen several Burlesque shows at the Maison and I’ve always wondered what it would be like to perform in front of so many people, flaunting confidence and almost baring one’s body with such naturalness.

I certainly couldn’t ask myself this question all my life. And what better chance to become a burlesque queen than a bachelorette party?

So, here I am. They welcomed me with stilettos, a fan of white feathers and a black corset to wear. The idea of becoming a Burlesque diva and experiencing the atmosphere of the Moulin Rouge of the 1920s (trying to imagine, with a good dose of imagination, being Nicole Kidman in the role of Satine) is finally becoming reality.

After all, a bachelorette party should be made as memorable as possible given the exclusivity of the event. Or at least, that’s what we hope for.

After putting on the clothes, trying the steps and testing my most mischievous smiles, pushing away that wall of shyness that I carried with me, I have to go up on stage and perform in front of a real audience.

Now that the music starts, it’s no longer the time to back down.

Away from the Escape Room

A dark cellar that contains everything: Anxiety, Joy, Adrenaline, Acumen, Expectation, Friendship and traces of Assassins. In one word, Anxy. And the name speaks volumes.

In the basement of the maison , time passes much faster than in the hall and there are so many emotions that the heart, at times, almost seems to burst.

Before heading down to the cellar and starting this torturous adventure, we were offered a spoonful of lemon-flavored syrup to combat anxiety. Actually, I think it was just to reassure us a little.

Now we are down, wrapped in darkness and a good dose of cobwebs. We have listened carefully to a strange story to put the pieces of a puzzle together and figure out how to get out of here, but the clues seem to lead us to a completely different path.

One thing is certain: we have to get out of the Escape Room and there are only twenty minutes left to do so. Time is running out. I don’t know if we’ll get out of here.

maison milano spettacolo

Wandering around the walls of the maison

As a child I wanted to look at the world from above and I imagined being suspended to observe the life that flowed down, as in a dream that estranged me from reality.

I found that sense of freedom and control by performing in acrobatic aerial dance shows and since I started spinning between the walls of the maison I feel incredible emotions.

I think the best thing about entertaining the public is to give and receive authentic emotions. The show becomes a fair exchange of laughter, emotion and pure adrenaline.

If there is one thing I love about this place, it is that everything is allowed here and nothing becomes impossible. This stage transforms reality into a grand light show and a parade of fantastic and quirky characters.

While I remain suspended, hanging from the great beams of the ceiling, the spectators smile at me to thank me for this magic. That’s just how I imagined it.

Now take a seat and enjoy the show.


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