TramJazz: dinner, show and music on the streets of Rome on a 1947 tram

We find ourselves sitting at the bus stop on a cold winter evening. We don’t know what awaits us, but we know that the cold bench is worth the wait. Let’s talk about the TramJazz at the bottom. The idea alone warms us up a little with emotion.

As the name suggests, the TramJazz is a restaurant on the tram in Rome , a Stanga car from 1947 to be precise, restored and put back into operation to transport you to Rome in the moonlight, complete with musical accompaniment.

A dinner on board a tram in the center of Rome is certainly not a trivial matter, also considering the very high quality offered by the staff, the food, the wine and undoubtedly the excellent Jazz and Swing offered by the best musicians of the Italian scene and international.

As the car turns the corner, rattling in the night light, we shed some light on the origins of this seeming madness.


TramJazz: a project born to excite

tram jazz vino

The project was born from an idea of Nunzia Fiorini in 2007 for the BRECCE structure of Contemporary Art and in which ATAC also participates, which supplies the historic cars used, and the Department of Culture and Sport of Rome.

The idea of TramJazz is to transport the guest both physically and ideally on a journey through time and space. Time is mainly given by the music, which ranges from the Blues of the legendary ’30s to the wildest Swing. The space is the incomparable one of the Eternal City, a first-rate setting for an equally unique show.

However, the idea remains original and much appreciated by both Romans and tourists, who are fascinated by an experience that remains unique in the panorama of the capital’s tourist activities.

TramJazz: music, history and good wine

The experience in question, as we said, begins even before departure: we meet at the terminus of Porta Maggiore at nine in the evening, next to the small house of the inspectors. We seem to go back in time, to those slightly mad evenings of young drivers.

Here, where we were waiting at the beginning of this tale, we are warmly welcomed by the staff of the infamous restaurant on the tram in Rome , the TramJazz . It begins immediately with a welcome drink, while the band, inside, attacks a background theme.

The atmosphere warms up and, on time as always, the journey begins.

As soon as we enter, everything around us changes. The euphoria turns into amazement when we realize that we are on board a piece of history, in every sense: it seems impossible, yet it almost seems that time has stopped on the TramJazz and that we have just become part of a memory; one of those we get attached to sometimes when we feel nostalgic.

Everything inside has been used to ensure that the immersion in this dimension is total: the color of the wood of the interior is warmly illuminated by a soft light that comes from the car’s ceiling. While the band, located in the revolving carousel in the center of the vehicle or in the cockpit opposite that of the driver, is rightly illuminated by spotlights of bluesy light.

The comfortable red leather seats, close, better intimate, overlook the large windows of the tram which are actually a front row seat for a unique film: a night-time Rome, fascinating and still full of life and wonders.

While we are still admiring the spectacle of the Roman setting, a smiling waiter approaches, holding a bottle of excellent Lazio wine that we had almost forgotten we had ordered. The evening can now really begin.

roma tramjazz cena e concerto

TramJazz: the stages of a dream on rails

The path of our restaurant on the tram in Rome begins, as we said from Porta Maggiore. Along the way there are three stops in total, during which the real performance of the musicians takes place.

The first is in Villa Giulia, in front of the National Gallery of Modern Art. From there the journey restarts after a first song by the band and heads towards Santa Croce in Gerusalemme. Last but not least, the stop at the Celio Park in front of the Colosseum certainly marks the highlight of the evening.

The journey ends by returning to the starting point, where the evening ends after three exciting hours of travel. More than enough to enjoy the excellent dinner.

TramJazz: not just good food

Among all the possible romantic restaurants at your disposal, this certainly remains one of the candidates to really surprise your partner. But that’s not the only reason why you choose this restaurant on the tram in Rome .

Nowadays the national and international jazz scene often meets on this car, where excellent artists meet who want to test themselves or who simply want to be closer to their audience.

In fact, there is no lack of complicity between musicians and passengers / diners, and not even some eccentric couple who indulge in a passionate dance.

The calendar of events, available on the official website , is full of interesting appointments but hurry up. If you want to enjoy this experience you will have to book well in advance, given the limited places.

Ultimately, the TramJazz is not just a restaurant on the tram in Rome nor a jazz or swing music concert. It is all this and even more: the TramJazz is you, who dare, in search of a new view on a wonderful city that never loses its charm, from any point of view you admire it.

tramjazz musica roma


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